About Us

We started playing pickleball a few years ago and were instantly hooked. When looking to buy some paddles of our own we had trouble finding ones with a design that we liked. We didn’t like how crowded and bland the other paddles were, but eventually settled for some paddles we found online. To our disappointment, they quickly fell apart with normal usage. We looked at hundreds of other paddles but found even the most expensive models had durability issues. All we wanted was a paddle that was good-looking, durable, and performed well, but this seemed to be too much to ask. We thought to ourselves, “Why has nobody produced a paddle that meets these basic features?” This is when we decided to start our own pickleball paddle company. Our paddles are now enjoyed by thousands of other players!

Bison Pickleball

Inspired by the mighty bison, Bison Paddles will hold up to any abuse you can put them through. All Bison Paddles come with a 1-year warranty.

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