Our Story

The Bison Paddles story is hard to sum up in a few paragraphs. Hours and hours of pickleball with family and friends, all while playing with numerous different pickleball paddles. As our skills increased, we had a hard time finding a reliable paddle we could afford while in college. Bison Paddles was born with one idea in mind: premium pickleball paddles without the high price tag.

Our mission at Bison Paddles is to provide reliable pickleball equipment without breaking the bank. That way you can get back to enjoying more pickleball moments with your family and friends.

For the beginner player, or the pro, we've got a paddle for you. Now get out there and have some fun on the court!

- Daniel and Collin

Co-Owners of Bison Paddles

Paddles with purpose

We support the NBF by donating a portion of our profits each year. These donations go to support the foundation and their goal of protecting and preserving bison.

Bison Guarantee

Fueled by the strength of the majestic bison, Bison Paddles are designed to withstand any challenge you may face. With complete confidence in our products, we offer a 30-day return period and a 6-month warranty on all Bison Paddles.

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